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First of all, i want to appologize for taking so much time to update this ç-ç~
Now, the questions and answers XD:

:bulletblue:Managodess: "When did Sakimichan start drawing? What inspires her?"
sakimichan: "I started drawing in 2006 ,but when I was a kid I doodled a lot xD. Mangas ,other artists , and the desire to win their respect or to show that I was capable .But I can find inspirations everywhere now days, in cloth, animals,games etc."

:bulletblue::devligthofthedarkside:: "How she created her style of drawing? Why doesn't she create a manga or something like that?"
sakimichan: "I got inspired by many artist,on DA and from mangas, my all time favorite series is Death Note ,The art is just amazing ,and if you happen to tolerate yaoi, "Man's best friend" is a good reference for male bodies x'D"

:bulletblue:addisart: "no question just i want to thank her for sharing her art for example right at the bottom"thank you for sharing your art"
sakimichan: "Aw thank you xD ! I'll continue to do my best!"

:bulletblue:Faiell: "What is her favorite color to draw with???And what part of the body does she like to draw most (like hair or skin)?Annnnd... what's her favorite fooood? xD"
sakimichan: "I really red and blue theme pictures xD I like to color the skin and draw the face the most because I think it's the most important part of the character ,it give an idea on his or her personality. lol I LOVE RICE NOODLEEEEEE <3"

:bulletblue:ringo-juice: "how long does it take her to complete one illustration? what types of tool in oc does she uses to colour ?"
sakimichan: "depends, but I usually need about 2 days to finish something complex with a colored background,if it's a sketchy headshot, I can finish it in 30 minutes. It really depends on the effort and the details I put into the picture. in opencanvas 4.03, my favorite lineart inking tool is the pencil tool (pressure at 1.75 ,size at .7 or 1 pixel)for coloring, I use the watertool to blend -spoon pen is good for applying the base colors."

:bulletblue:jenwzm: "where does she get her textures from? (like the flowers/roses and chinese words)When did she start drawing realism? Will she make a tutorial or show how she colours/how she draws an artwork?"
sakimichan: "Some of the textures are hand drawn ,but here's some cool sites --->…… I did Try to draw realism when I was younger but I couldn't and it turned out all anime-ish so I waited till I'm older to try again . I've started to learn more about it just this year. YES I will definitely make a tutorial when I have the time and when I've perfected my techniques.

:bulletblue:madnati-art:"What's her age and when is her birthday? XD"
sakimichan:I'm 17 right now and my birthday is 18th June xD (getting old)

I haven't sent HanaTenshiHimeko's and RoseKoneko's questions, yet, but, as soon as i send 'em and sakimichan answers, i'll edit the journal and post it ^^

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Draw2Death Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Why isn't this group updated?? I mean the journal update is pretty old...........
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must be nyc to hav ur own fanclub, huh?!!
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may I be a member of this club ? :D :) :D
May I join the club? :3
Diva-TsunadeUchiha Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008

I want to make a few stamps for this fan club for members to use (both animated n non-animated). Am i allowed to do so? :)
Sakimichan-fanclub Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2008
sure!!!! it'll be great! i1ll love u eternally for that XDD *no time to do it myself*
Nina-Fox Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008
I am part of this club and was not watching it like I originally thought I was....
Sakimichan-fanclub Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009
thats ok XD u just have to watch it now \o
Nicoleaerith Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wanna join! Sakimichan's cool! lovely gallery <3
ShyVampiress Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008   Writer
>//w//< *faints* aww!!!~!1 I must jooin o//v//o *click* X3333 XDDDDD
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